Risk and Compliance

Management at Scale

Reduce risks, increase cybersecurity, and maintain regulatory compliance with the WaveFire platform

Assess and manage risks across the entire enterprise for multiple frameworks

Scale risk management with WaveFire

Analyze and manage risk across the entire enterprisewithout sampling

Configure and implement quickly

Adjust weighting and scoring to support organizational priorities

Simplify the assessment process

Disseminate the assessment and allow users to easily delegate requests to the control owners

Obtain the right information from the right people quickly

Enable experts to answer once and the answers cascade into the responses for multiple locations, business units, and frameworks

Manage ongoing remediation

View real-time results in a dashboard that gives interim and final results with a clear view of areas that need remediation

Document, track, and report risk mitigation activities for ongoing improvement in compliance and risk management

Gain insight into year-over-year risk analysis


Cybersecurity begins with knowing the true risks. Assessing and managing cybersecurity risks is essential for avoiding adverse events and proactively managing threats and vulnerabilities. The WaveFire platform facilitates an assessment of the entire organization’s risks, accommodating centralized shared services, de-centralized processes, and third-party risk. With real-time, granular results at a threat level, including the risk profile of each entity, WaveFire enables teams to address and improve cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Frameworks

  • HIPAA Security
  • PCI
  • GDPR
  • SOC 2
  • ISO 2700 family
  • Third-Party Risk

As a unified, user-friendly assessment and compliance platform, WaveFire supports teams who are managing compliance with multiple regulatory frameworks across a complex enterprise. Compliance leaders are empowered to facilitate enterprise risk management and produce required documentation and reporting – informed by real-time insights.

Compliance Frameworks

  • HIPAA Privacy
  • HIPAA Breach
  • GDPR
  • Third-Party Risk

Managing an audit requires standardized, consistent, and measurable processes that give visibility into the organization and streamline the auditing process. WaveFire makes that happen by automating audits of controls throughout the organization and managing the request and collection of supporting artifacts. WaveFire gives audit teams a way to assess the maturity of controls and manage the relationships between risks, controls, control owners, entities, and frameworks. During the aduit, the team can track audit progress. After an audit is complete, the WaveFire platform supports monitoring and tracking remediation for ongoing audit preparation, as well as storing audit workpapers and audit conclusions.

Audit Frameworks

  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • SOC 2
  • GDPR
Integration with Existing Solutions

WaveFire’s open API architecture enables integration with a variety of solutions including asset management platforms, GRC solutions, and others. Our consultative approach and project support along with robust documentation, examples, and software development kit (SDK) will have your systems seamlessly connected quickly and efficiently.