Improve cybersecurity with more insight

Enterprise-wide cyber risk management

Knowing your security exposure is vital for improving cybersecurity posture.

The WaveFire platform facilitates a thorough assessment of the entire organization and third-party vendors. WaveFire accommodates centralized shared services along with de-centralized processes. With real-time, granular results at a threat level, including the identification of controls and process owners, WaveFire empowers teams to improve their cybersecurity posture. With these insights and remediation management tools, companies can take the necessary steps to avoid adverse events and proactively manage threats and vulnerabilities.

WaveFire for Cybersecurity

Assess More

Evaluate the entire organization’s risks with a streamlined assessment that is easy to delegate

Capture input for both centralized and de-centralized processes

Transition from sampling to rapidly assessing the entire enterprise

Gain Insight

Identify gaps in security across multiple frameworks

Score, prioritize, and document threats

View in real-time the granular results at a threat level, including the risk profile of each entity

Improve Security

Measure the effectiveness of controls

Use detailed insight to reduce risks and improve overall cybersecurity posture

Enable the organization to avoid adverse events with proactive threat and vulnerability management

Cybersecurity Frameworks

WaveFire Supports HIPAA Security Rule

The HIPAA Security Rule requires that healthcare organizations complete a periodic security risk assessment (SRA). This SRA can be completed for all locations using WaveFire’s proprietary HIPAA SRA framework. This framework is mapped to the Phase 2 Audit Protocol from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) to ensure that all relevant areas are covered in the assessment. In case of an OCR audit, an OCR-ready HIPAA SRA report can be generated for any location in the organization with a single click.

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WaveFire Supports PCI DSS

Organizations who store, transmit, and/or process credit cards know the difficulties and complexities of implementing controls to meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). WaveFire helps organizations achieve and maintain compliance with the DSS by providing the ability to continually evaluate key controls and remediate gaps within cardholder data environment (CDE).

WaveFire Supports GDPR

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents one of the biggest changes in data privacy regulation over the last 20 years. WaveFire can help organizations who process or store data from EU residents to assess their organizations against these new requirements and map out a game plan for compliance.

WaveFire Supports SOC 2

Service organizations often need help in gaining compliance with the SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria from the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) in order to issue a SOC 2 report. WaveFire helps organizations analyze their environment against the SOC 2 framework and manage the remediation of gaps in order to prepare for the actual SOC 2 audit.

WaveFire Supports NIST CSF

The NIST Cyber-Security Framework (CSF) provides a great baseline for establishing, managing, and improving an information security program. WaveFire can help with the implementation of the NIST CSF by providing continuous insight into the maturity of an organization’s security controls as they relate to the framework.

WaveFire Supports ISO 2700 Family

Many organizations choose to build their information security program around ISO 27001 or 27002. WaveFire assists with the implementation of these frameworks by providing continuous analysis of an organization’s security controls as they relate to either framework.

WaveFire Supports Third-Party Risk Management

Effectively managing relationships with outside vendors is a key to addressing risk and improving security in most organizations. WaveFire can help with the assessment and management of potential risks introduced by relationships with these third parties by providing a platform for initial vetting, reporting to management, remediation, and periodic reevaluation.

Consulting Services to Support Cybersecurity

We partner with a full-service firm with an experienced security consulting practice, performs risk management and assessment services for many large public and private companies.

Having consulted on the development and review of security programs for a variety of organizations, the team’s HITRUST and PCI certified consultants support cybersecurity initiatives from developing custom assessment content to detailed analysis of results and remediation management.

WaveFire incorporates the consulting experience of hundreds of engagements in pre-built assessment frameworks and pre-built recommendations. The tool can be deployed and managed without consulting services. However, when additional expertise is required WaveFire can provide individuals with deep experience across a variety of compliance frameworks and industries.

The team offers a full suite of auditing services. These include:

  • IT Risk Analysis and Security Assessments
  • Network and Web Application Penetration Tests
    Information Security Program Management Outsourcing
  • Evaluation, Implementation and Optimization of Security Tools
  • Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for PCI
  • HITRUST CSF Assessor Organization
  • Third-Party Risk Management

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