Risk and Compliance

Management at Scale


Reduce risks, increase cybersecurity, and maintain regulatory compliance with the WaveFire platform.


200 Hours Saved

Reduce repetitive questionnaires and time spent in meetings. One client eliminated the need for numerous meetings over several months that involved 100 people total – saving 200 team hours and the process was reduced by weeks.

Weeks not months to complete

Quick deployment of simultaneous large enterprise risk assessments. With WaveFire’s flexible design, most organizations can implement quickly and begin organization-wide assessments immediately.

100% of locations assessed

Scale assessment delegation and distribution across the entire enterprise. Comprehensive and in-depth insight informs strategic remediation planning and execution for cyber security, audit, and compliance efforts.

Manage risks across the entire enterprise and multiple frameworks

The WaveFire platform enables continuous risk management by cybersecurity, compliance, and audit teams. Flexible and scalable, WaveFire supports multiple frameworks, including HIPAA, PCI, NIST, GDPR, and many more.


Enable continuous security improvement with complete risk visibility across the organization, proactively managing and remediating threats and vulnerabilities. The assessment can accommodate shared services, de-centralized processes, and third-party risk.


Empower compliance leaders with the ability to manage, measure, and report organization-wide risk and ensure regulatory compliance. With WaveFire, compliance leaders have the tools to produce all required documentation and reporting – powered by real-time insight.


Automate auditing of controls throughout the organization and manage the requesting and collecting of supporting artifacts. WaveFire gives audit teams a way to assess the maturity of controls and manage the relationships between risks, controls, control owners, entities, and frameworks.

WaveFire empowers organizations to reduce risks, increase security, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Scaling Risk Management for Your Organization

WaveFire’s risk assessments deliver complete visibility into disparate locations, shared services, business units, and the processes used deep within the organization. Risk and compliance are simultaneously managed across multiple frameworks – increasing efficiency and streamlining processes for risk management teams. User-friendly dashboard and real-time regulatory reporting provide the controls and insights risk management teams need to optimize risk remediation processes.

Scalable and Configurable

The WaveFire platform scales to meet the needs of complex, multi-site companies with quick configuration.

Simplified Complexity

Assessments can be quickly distributed to experts wherever they are located and answers can be applied to multiple locations and frameworks to eliminate unnecessary repetition.

Real-time Insight

Administrators and management gain real-time insights into the high-risk areas across their entire organization through high-level and drill-down views of all areas of risk management.

Actionable Results

The WaveFire platform provides a workflow for managing remediation of an organization’s highest risk areas to eliminate vulnerabilities, enhance security, and improve overall risk profile.

“...gave us insight into our entire company.”

We have a complex organizational structure and being able to set up entities gave us insight into our entire company. Being able to compare entities and regions with rolled-up reports have helped us prioritize risks and create an intelligent audit plan for next year.

Internal Audit Lead
National Consumer Goods Company

“...the platform helps us measure our control maturity against industry standards.”

I've been impressed at how the WaveFire platform can help us measure our control maturity against industry standards. We were having difficulties measuring our controls and now we can. WaveFire has been a flexible strategic partner and the platform has streamlined assessments significantly. Our team and other business units are expanding the use of WaveFire for other frameworks.

Chief Audit Officer
National Consumer Goods Company

“We now have the time and information to focus on remediating risk.”

Our process was very manual, complex, and incomplete before using WaveFire. Now completing a thorough risk assessment is very simple and easy for all involved. My team used to spend four months collecting information from all the hospitals and physician groups. Recently, my team spent only 40 team hours conducting a more in-depth assessment. We now have the time and information to focus on remediating risk.

AVP, Chief Information Security Officer
National Health System